Calsense Recognized as Community Business Leader

May 6, 2019

Chamber Honors Water Efficiency Experts with Prestigious Award

SAN DIEGO – Calsense, an innovator in water conservation, garnered praise from the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce on April 5 at the annual Business and Distinction Awards Luncheon.  The irrigation company, which has helped clients across the United States with water management solutions, was presented with the Chamber’s Best Place to Work Small Business award for exemplifying an outstanding reputation of customer service, employee work-life balance, and leadership in the water management industry.

“As a small business with 41 employees, we have worked hard to provide everyone opportunities not just to grow, but to thrive. Our entire company culture revolves around creating the most positive customer experience possible,” said Calsense President A.J. van de Ven.  “The trust we have earned from our clients nationwide drives our growth year after year, allowing us to create a company culture which provides our team members with the tools for success to achieve both their personal and professional aspirations.”

Each employee who works at Calsense creates an individual leadership development plan that includes goals for their professional and personal growth.  The company then works with employees to come up with ways to help them start and stick with their goals, in addition to consistently exploring new ways to support them along the way.  Ultimately, this employee-focused environment improves the quality of work and service to Calsense customers, who benefit greatly as a result.

“When I changed careers from the Wireless Industry to the Water Industry, I didn’t know what to expect,” said Calsense Field Service Representative Ramon Torres.  “Calsense made the transition enjoyable, opening their doors and welcoming me into the family. Here, I am making a difference with not just what we sell, but how our customers use our products and services to make an impact at the local level with their water use.”

With its goal-driven employees and proven technology specifically engineered to meet customer needs, Calsense has helped city and county governments, school districts, colleges and universities, and various federal and state departments streamline operations and cut costs while simultaneously conserving water.  These water preservation efforts are especially important in states like California, which experienced a seven-year drought resulting in a statewide order to reduce water usage in urban areas by 25 percent.  Even though Governor Brown lifted the drought emergency in 2017, he maintained that “conservation must remain a way of life.”

Water concerns are not an exclusive issue in California, where Calsense is based, either.  Despite water being a renewable resource, The Economist recently reported “the present-day world provides ample examples of environmental devastation that serve as a warning that water usage has its natural limits,” highlighting the importance of water conservation efforts.

“Our team wants to make a positive impact in the world.  They want to go to work, do their day-to-day, and go home knowing they made a difference,” van de Ven said.  “I know for a fact, with the data to prove it, that we helped to save millions of gallons of water in the last 24-hours alone, nationwide.  That’s a huge impact in protecting the planet’s most precious resource.”

About Calsense

Calsense is a partner with the Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense® program in promoting water efficient products and services.  For more than 30-years, the company has contributed to providing a sustainable future by developing water resource management tools and strategies, directly incorporating input from its customers. Calsense helps its clients conserve water, manage labor, and ultimately save money through smart irrigation. The company’s industry-leading technology and support bridge the gap between irrigation designer, installer, landscape maintainer, and water manager to provide the support needed at each phase of a project. Customers partner with Calsense because they receive a reliable system that provides long-term value.  For more information, visit

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