7 Smart Phone Apps to Help You Save Water

August 27, 2021

7 Smart Phone Apps to Help Save Water

In honor of  Water Awareness Month, we wanted to provide quick and easy ways for people to learn more about their personal water usage and how they can conserve water through the help of smart phone apps! Even if you live in a region with abundant water, it is never too early to learn more about your water consumption and steps you can take to live more water-wise. Here are 7 apps that can simplify your efforts:

virtual water app


This free app connects with your water utility to give your real data on your water usage, while comparing your usage to other households in your area. It also detects leaks in an effort to save water and avoid paying high water bills.

Virtual Water

This app informs users on the reality of water required to grow and produce the foods and beverages we consume, referred to as “virtual water,” allowing the user to compare products and review quick facts. The intention is that through improved knowledge, users can make more sustainable diet choices. This app is an interactive version of the popular Water Footprint poster used in worldwide environmental publications, costing $1.99

E-Water Footprint

E-Water Footprint shows your estimated water footprint through analyzing the water consumption involved in your daily  activities, such as the food you eat, dish washing and more.


An educational and gaming app in one created by the Groundwater Foundation, Water1dr tests your knowledge on topics like groundwater, irrigation, conservation, pollution and more.

H2O Tracker

This quiz app helps estimate your water usage around the house to help improve your conservation, save money and earn points toward prizes. You can also compare your usage with others in the area, get promotions from your local water district, report water waste to your city, and be informed on what water restrictions are in place for various stages of drought.

Water Use Calculator

This free app created by the National Groundwater Association calculates your household water use to determine if you are using water wisely on a daily, weekly and annual basis.

Rain Harvest

This app acts as a rain harvesting calculator, using the inputs of catchment surface area, rainfall amount, surface efficiency and collection points. The results are provided in total gallons or liters of collected runoff, with the option of reviewing harvest totals per collection point.

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