Water conservation as a service

February 28, 2022

Moving to the Cloud

The cloud has become the primary location for businesses and other entities to store data. Most have also moved their applications to cloud platforms, such as Microsoft 365™. Many that still have their data on-premise are planning to migrate to the cloud in the near-term.

For organizations around the world, the advantages are many, including “anywhere access” and the following:

  • Security and data protection
  • Data modernization
  • Cost and performance of IT operations

Companies that develop software, such as Calsense, can utilize cloud platforms (e.g., Microsoft Azure™ and Amazon Web Services™) to move faster and less expensively. Common tools and apps are available to all developers, so that they don’t have to be created from scratch. Additionally, help and support from the platform and community of developers are also readily available.

What does this mean for customers of these applications? Ideally, cloud applications can be developed faster and less expensively, providing enhanced value to customers. Especially considering the movement of logic to the cloud, versus residing mostly within the architecture of hardware, enables rapid prototyping and agile development, meaning robust features that can be added to regularly.

While Calsense continues to deliver full-featured hardware platforms, it’s ramping its cloud applications aggressively, enabling all of the benefits above and as a service pricing to its customers.

Irrigation solution, in action

Irrigation Management as a Service™, or IMaaS, is a unique and highly valuable approach to irrigation management, in that it eliminates the need for customers to secure capital funds to purchase smart irrigation controllers, sensors and/or software. Instead, IMaaS enables municipalities, school districts, universities, departments of transportation, and homeowners’ associations to enjoy access to the latest smart irrigation technology, services and support as a comprehensive, all-in-one service.

Calsense Irrigation Management as a Service provides customers with a turnkey solution. However, “turnkey” can include components provided by Calsense and our contractors, and/or components provided by your team, depending on current and anticipated staffing levels and where your organization’s priorities need to be.

With preservation of the earth’s resources in mind, Calsense’s solutions put users of irrigation in the position of being able to reduce irrigation water usage by up to 40%. Moving to the cloud makes it a simpler process for Calsense and its current and future customers.

Amazon Web Services is a trademark of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries. Irrigation Management as a Service is a trademark of California Sensor Corporation dba Calsense. Microsoft, Azure, and Microsoft 365 are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies.

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