5 Top Reasons to Choose Calsense™ Irrigation Management as a Service™    

March 10, 2022

Irrigation Management as a Service, or IMaaS™, is a unique and highly valuable approach to irrigation management, enabling municipalities, school districts, universities, departments of transportation and homeowners’ associations to enjoy access to the latest smart irrigation technology, services and support as a comprehensive, all-in-one service.

Calsense Irrigation Management as a Service provides customers with a turnkey solution, however “turnkey” can include components provided by Calsense and our contractors and/or components provided by your team, depending on current and anticipated staffing levels and where your organization’s priorities need to be. Once IMaaS is in place, scaling to support expansions, upgrades, etc., can be simple and quick.

1. No capital spending; it’s a service!

Savings in water and labor can help pay for the system and since it’s a service, you don’t have to worry about securing capital funds to purchase smart irrigation controllers, sensors and/or software. This can enable faster, more holistic technology rollouts, enabling realization of the value of the whole system immediately.

2. Needed technology transitions are Calsense’s responsibility.

Technology evolves over time. Depending on the speed at which this happens, the need to upgrade technologies can wreak havoc on budgeting. With Calsense Irrigation Management as a Service, the risk of technology sunsetting stays with Calsense, since it’s our responsibility to keep your service up and running optimally.

3. Annual subscription stays constant for 10 years. There are no surprises.

When equipment is purchased via traditional means, unexpected expenses can occur throughout the expected life. With Calsense Irrigation Management as a Service, the annual subscription amount is known up-front, which makes staying within budget much easier than what would otherwise be the case.

4. Proactive monitoring, troubleshooting, problem resolution and reporting.

As with many technology solutions, proactive monitoring of your smart irrigation management system can lead to better performance throughout its life. With this in mind, proactive monitoring is a part of Calsense Irrigation Management as a Service. When problems occur, the team at Calsense will troubleshoot, deploy the resources needed to resolve the issue and then provide full transparency with regular reporting. With IMaaS, you receive the continual, high-quality support that has made Calsense one of the most trusted smart irrigation management providers in the nation.

5. Complements your team’s efforts, based on your staffing and priorities.

Although Calsense takes full responsibility for the operation of the system, your team can remain as involved as you want it to be. Our intent is to work in collaboration with our Irrigation Management as a Service customers, complementing the services provided by their internal staffs.

Note: If system expansions occur during the subscription period, prices will be adjusted to reflect the expansions.

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