Calsense’s Julia Teske is 40 Under 40

July 6, 2022

Calsense’s Marketing Communications Manager, Julia Teske, was announced as one of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce’s 40 Under 40 Emerging Leaders for 2022!

Every year the Carlsbad Business Journal highlights 40 emerging leaders under 40-years old. These individuals are not just the leaders of the future, but already making a major impact in our community today.

At just 24, Julia is helping to drive Calsense’s growth objectives while supporting its vision of contributing to a sustainable future by saving the world’s most precious resource: water.

At Calsense, growth is about changing the world for the better by driving adoption of its solutions. Julia believes in the vision and for her, it fuels an internal fire; this is what makes her extraordinary.

Typically, most recent graduates and interns don’t yet know who they are or what they want, let alone how they’ll get there. However, Julia has made very clear what she wants from her career from the beginning:

“To work on what matters and to someday be CEO.”

Julia’s innately capable of thinking deeply, understanding strategy, determining priorities and most important, executing. Her ability to manage the work as efficiently as she does is quite amazing, especially considering so many people with much more experience struggle to prioritize, stay organized and ultimately, deliver results.

An example of Julia’s capability is represented with the recent launch of Irrigation Management as a Service™ (#IMaaS). Within two months, it required Julia to develop a plan, drive a cross-functional team and then launch to the world. It was a smashing success, in large part due to Julia’s efforts.

Julia is a rising star who is helping to grow the company while growing herself, with no apparent bounds.

“Focus your work on something you’re passionate about and then be your best self by driving toward your objectives, staying organized, prioritizing, executing well and working collaboratively with your teammates.” – Julia Teske

Congratulations Julia! We are so lucky to have you on our team!

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