Irrigation Management as a Service™| Glossary of Terms

July 18, 2022

You may be wondering what’s included and what is not included in our latest release of Irrigation Management as a Service™. You get to decide which services are needed to complement your staff’s efforts, but generally, services are broken up into “up-front” and “ongoing” categories. We have broken down what is included into some terms that may be helpful as you explore IMaaS™ as an option for your organization.

Up-front services:

  1. Site survey —This service is performed by our technical sales and/or account management teams and it’s designed to walk your key stakeholders through an analysis of objectives, needs and the resulting bill of materials for your project. Note: A “wellness check” may also be performed to verify what is working and what isn’t within the existing irrigation system.
  2. Project planning/management —After the IMaaS contract is in place, we’ll assign a Calsense project manager to your project. The project manager will work with your organization’s key contact and together, they will assemble a project plan. From there, the project will be managed through “go-live,” or as we call it, “First Productive Use.”
  3. Installation —Once the project plan has been assembled, the project manager will be responsible for the coordination and installation of all needed components.
  4. Setup/programming —To maximize the benefit of your Calsense solution, the controller will be set up and programmed to reflect your organization’s specific conditions and needs. This will include inputs such as soil type, slope, plant material, weather data, etc.
  5. Testing/final walkthrough —After all the components have been installed and set up, our account management team will do a complete site walkthrough to ensure everything has been done correctly.
  6. Training —Following the walkthrough, our project manager will work with your organization to schedule training for your staff.

Ongoing services:

  1. Data plans —Depending on system design, all necessary cellular data plans will be included for the duration of your IMaaS contract.
  2. Hosting —The Calsense cloud-based remote management platform, Command Center Online, is hosted using Microsoft® Azure. This platform provides the ability to manage your Calsense controllers and related devices from any location.
  3. Firmware/software updates —As software and firmware updates become available, they’re automatically pushed to your Calsense devices and to your Command Center Online account.
  4. Helpdesk/troubleshooting —As your staff members have questions, they’ll be able to contact the Calsense helpdesk via email or telephone. Helpdesk personnel will escalate calls as needed, including deploying field-based personnel if required.
  5. Repairs/replacements —When repairs or replacements of Calsense components are needed, field support personnel will be dispatched to complete the work.
  6. Analytics/reporting —To keep your staff updated as to how your organization’s Calsense solution is performing, alerts will be directed to any members of your organization you want to keep informed, in addition to the Calsense helpdesk. Additionally, we will perform a monthly review of your Calsense system’s performance and provide a written report of activity.

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