Calsense unveils raft of upgrade incentives to ready customers for new era of smart irrigation and sustainably beautiful landscapes

June 22, 2023

Calsense roadmap shows how the new era of smart irrigation will embrace AI and predictive analytics alongside in-depth industry experience

CARLSBAD, California – The future of smart irrigation will soon see human expertise partnered with powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning, to minimize water and labor waste and ensure our landscapes remain sustainably beautiful.

That’s the message from a newly unveiled roadmap from smart irrigation industry leader Calsense. Alongside the roadmap, Calsense has revealed significant pricing incentives for customers to upgrade their systems and benefit from its technological advances.

The Calsense announcement provides a multi-phase vision for its irrigation technology over the coming years. The new initiative is designed to drive new levels of water and labor conservation to meet the needs of a changing climate and the weather effects that brings, as well as tackling ongoing challenges related to labor shortages.

“At Calsense, we have nearly 40 years of smart irrigation experience,” said Calsense Senior Product Manager Josh Lehman. “This new vision for smart irrigation allies that unparalleled industry understanding with cutting edge technology to make the process of irrigation increasingly efficient and by extension, sustainable.”

The Calsense roadmap outlines seven stages in the advancement of irrigation, from simple timers through to advanced predictive analytics that will enable remedying system issues before they become major problems.

As part of the roadmap, Calsense has identified an opportunity to harness the power of the latest innovations in natural language and generative AI to create intuitive experiences, which will help drive adoption of smarter technologies. These advancements will also help users solve problems faster and more efficiently using industry best practices.

“The key here is that the artificial intelligence itself is built on real-world human expertise and Calsense’s decades of irrigation knowledge,” Lehman said. “Further down the line, we’ll introduce machine learning-based predictive analytics that will provide users with truly meaningful, actionable insights into the way their system is performing.”

The seven phases that Calsense outlines in its roadmap also include today’s conventional smart irrigation, which uses data such as weather, soil, topography and plant type to determine the optimum irrigation schedule, and ‘as a service’ pricing, as exemplified by Calsense’s award-winning Irrigation Management as a Service™ (IMaaS™)offering. IMaaS allows customers to deploy full-scale smart irrigation systems while avoiding capital expenditure. Instead, they pay a fixed price for their system annually for 10 years.

The roadmap further includes IoT-first architecture, the implementation of human factors-based user experience interfaces, and the enablement of location-based asset management of irrigation and associated equipment.

“This vision is centered around the enhancement of the customer experience,” Lehman explained. “That was the impetus for our newly launched Calsense Customer Innovation Council, and input from the Innovation Council sessions has been intrinsic to the development of this roadmap.

It’s been driven by our incredibly talented and diverse team at Calsense. We’re rightfully renowned for our commitment to supporting our customers, and with this roadmap in place we’re excited to journey alongside them into a more efficient and sustainable future.”

That commitment is clear in the financial incentives that Calsense has put in place to ensure its customers are positioned to take full advantage of the exciting future that awaits.

“We want all our customers to be able to upgrade their systems and take advantage of the exciting innovations we’re working on, so we’re making it as easy as possible for them to do so,” said Mike Haldane, Director of Commercial Operations. “Last week, Calsense introduced new upgrade pricing that is intended to enable more customers to upgrade sooner and more completely than would have otherwise been the case. And for those without easy access to capital funds, they can still upgrade by taking advantage of our IMaaS offering, which gives customers easy access to everything needed up-front, paid for as a service over time.”

About Calsense

Calsense is a partner with the Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense® program in promoting water efficient products and services. For 37 years, the company has contributed to providing a sustainable future by developing water resource management tools and strategies, directly incorporating input from its customers. Calsense helps its customers conserve water, manage labor, and ultimately save money through smart irrigation. The company’s industry-leading technology and support bridge the gap between irrigation designer, installer, landscape maintainer and water manager to provide the support needed at each phase of a project. Customers partner with Calsense for a reliable system that provides long-term value. For more information, visit

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