Calsense Features U.S. Congressman John Duarte Discussing the Water Infrastructure Modernization Act on the H2OMICS Podcast

August 24, 2023

Carlsbad, California – Water conservation legislation and the Water Infrastructure Modernization Act are in the spotlight on the latest episode of the H2OMICS podcast from leading smart irrigation solutions company Calsense, with featured guest U.S. Congressman John Duarte.

Congressman Duarte represents California’s 13th District, which includes Fresno County and cities such as Lathrop, Patterson, Mendota, and Coalinga. He co-sponsored the bipartisan Water Infrastructure Modernization Act bill with Rep. Ruben Gallego, D-Ariz.

In this episode, Congressman Duarte sheds light on the pressing water challenges faced by California and Arizona, emphasizing the need for efficient water management to address supply and quality issues. As a fourth-generation farmer and native of the Central Valley in California, he advocates for a shift in perspective, encouraging a move from viewing water scarcity strictly as a moral pursuit, to embracing ways to achieve water abundance through improved infrastructure and water conservation legislation. The Water Infrastructure Modernization Act intends to provide $50 million in EPA funding and grants for community water systems, to identify leaks, assess pipe integrity, and adopt smart water technologies, fostering increasingly innovative water storage solutions.

Congressman Duarte says: “We need to use our surface water as efficiently as possible; and manage it carefully. We can then preserve our groundwater resources to carry us through the longest, driest droughts.”

Water conservation remains a top priority for farmers and for residents and organizations striving to maintain beautiful landscapes, while efficiently utilizing limited water resources. Calsense and its customers, for example, are committed to promoting a sustainable future by preserving water with smart irrigation control solutions. Through sophisticated smart irrigation solutions and education initiatives, Calsense empowers communities and organizations to make the best use of the available water resources, encouraging responsible water management and environmental stewardship.

“We are thrilled to feature Congressman Duarte on our H2OMICS podcast. His insights and dedication to promoting water sustainability and advancing water policies are of immense value for our listeners,” says podcast host, Carolina Alban-Stoughton.

The H2OMICS podcast offers informative interviews with water conservation and sustainability experts, shedding light on vital topics that may not be on listeners’ radar. To listen to the full interview with Congressman John Duarte, visit or search for H2OMICS on your favorite podcast platform.

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