Calsense CEO A.J. van de Ven Honored Among San Diego’s Most Influential Business Leaders 

November 20, 2023

Calsense, a leading provider of smart irrigation solutions, proudly announces that its CEO, A.J. van de Ven, has been named to the prestigious San Diego Business Journal’s SD500 list for the third consecutive year. The SD500 list acknowledges the most influential business leaders in the San Diego region, and A.J.’s inclusion reflects his leadership in the industry. 

A.J. has played a pivotal role in leading Calsense, steering the company’s efforts in providing innovative smart irrigation solutions tailored for organizations such as municipalities, counties, school districts, universities, departments of transportation and more. Since joining Calsense in 2005 as a software engineer, A.J. has demonstrated unwavering dedication and innovation. His ascent within the company has been marked by a decade of service before taking on the role of President in 2016. 

Under A.J.’s leadership, Calsense has continued to revolutionize smart irrigation, contributing to water conservation efforts across diverse sectors. The company’s solutions empower organizations to efficiently manage water resources, fostering sustainability and environmental responsibility. Further, A.J. has championed getting critically needed technology to the organizations that need it most with the launch of Irrigation Management as a Service™, or IMaaS®, which enables organizations that need it most to implement without the need for capital investment. 

A.J.’s commitment extends beyond Calsense, as he actively engages with the local community through involvement in educational and nonprofit organizations focused on environmental protection. He has become a champion for causes that align with Calsense’s core values. 

Reflecting on his leadership philosophy, A.J. shares, “We believe that doing good work is great for us, but even better for those we serve.” This underscores Calsense’s dedication to creating positive impact beyond corporate success. 

The inclusion of A.J. in the SD500 list is a testament to his leadership and the impact of Calsense in the smart irrigation industry. The recognition by the San Diego Business Journal highlights not only individual achievements, but also the collective success of Calsense as a key player in advancing sustainable water management solutions. 

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