Irrigation Show 2023: Calsense introduces AI-powered Irrigation Assistant Cal as part of all-new Calsense Connect user experience

November 28, 2023

New centralized platform focuses on ease-of-use and real-time assistance, management and monitoring of smart irrigation controllers

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – Calsense smart irrigation users will soon be able to get immediate answers to their pressing irrigation questions at any hour of the day or night thanks to ‘Cal’, the company’s groundbreaking new AI-based Irrigation Assistant.

The industry-leading Cal utilizes modern artificial intelligence technology to assist Calsense users in answering their general irrigation questions and provides in-depth knowledge on Calsense products and troubleshooting techniques. With an intuitive question and response user interface, Cal is integrated into the new Calsense Connect™ unified user platform, available on all devices.

The user interface provided by Calsense Connect focuses on ease of use, offering real-time management and monitoring of all connected smart irrigation controllers. It provides an engaging, straightforward centralized user experience.

Cal and Calsense Connect were unveiled today by smart irrigation pioneer Calsense at the ongoing Irrigation Show and Education Week 2023 in San Antonio, Texas.

“Our new Irrigation Assistant Cal is an example of Calsense’s commitment to technology leadership in the smart irrigation industry, and our emphasis on the enhanced user experience,” said Calsense Chief Product & Technology Officer Larry Heminger.

“It uses a private and proprietary Generative AI learning model trained to answer Calsense-specific questions and inquiries about general irrigation and water savings techniques. For example, an irrigator might have a question about decoders when installing a 2-wire system. With Cal, the irrigator would be able to ask Cal and Cal would return the answer. The concept is for continuous improvement, giving users the means to provide feedback to Calsense on the quality of the assistant’s responses, which will in turn help Calsense improve Cal’s performance.”

Cal is based on the latest Generative Pre-Trained Transformer GPT-4 large language learning model, also known as LLM. It’s hosted privately to ensure high levels of user and data privacy and security. Questions and feedback submitted to Cal are used to improve the quality of the AI model but are not shared outside of Calsense.

As part of Calsense Connect, Cal will form a component of Calsense’s modern platform of the future, with additional features and capabilities added over the coming months.

Both Calsense Connect and Cal form part of Calsense’s Smart Irrigation 2.0 vision, which offers a roadmap to sustainable, efficient, and technology-driven irrigation, combining AI, machine learning, and human expertise to optimize water use and labor efficiency while maintaining landscape beauty.

Smart Irrigation 2.0 is designed to drive new levels of water and labor conservation to meet the needs of a changing climate and its associated weather effects, while simultaneously addressing ongoing challenges related to labor shortages.

On Thursday November 30, Calsense’s Director of Commercial Operations, Mike Haldane will be part of the Irrigation Show’s General Session in Exhibit Hall 2 of the Henry B. González Convention Center, where he will join a panel of industry luminaries – including Irrigation Association CEO Natasha Rankin and Julie Bushell of Paige Electric Company – to discuss the state of the irrigation industry and the potential for utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning as important elements of its future.

Visit Calsense at Booth #400 during the Irrigation Show, where the future of irrigation technology in the form of Calsense Connect will be demonstrated, experts will be on hand to discuss water conservation solutions, and exciting swag will be given away.

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