Making a career out of something you believe in: Jeff Drongowski’s inspiring sustainability story on the H2OMICS podcast

March 4, 2024

CARLSBAD, California – There’s never a better time than right now to act if you want to make a difference in the world: Find the thing that matters to you, get involved in volunteering and activist organizations, and you might just discover a new career path at the same time.

That’s the message – and the inspiring story – from Jeff Drongowski on the first episode of the third season of the H2OMICS podcast from smart irrigation leader Calsense. Drongowski’s journey from corporate photographer to sustainability activist and water conservation expert at Calsense (via the wine industry and the world of Hollywood screenwriting) forms the focus of his inspiring conversation with H2OMICS host Julia Teske.

“For me, finding Calsense has honestly been a journey,” Drongowski says. “It started while I was working as a photographer, and wondering who I was. That led me to the Sustainability Program at UCLA Extension, and volunteering for sustainability organizations. I got heavily involved with the Climate Reality Project, and then I was looking for a role where I could be paid to spread that sustainability message, and that’s where I found Calsense.”

Carlsbad-based Calsense is an innovator in the field of smart irrigation, established in response to drought conditions decades ago. The company’s vision is to contribute to a sustainable future by saving the world’s most precious resource: water. It was a perfect fit for Drongowski, who now describes himself as “a sustainability advocate, change maker, water wonk, and storyteller”, though his official job title at Calsense is Technical Sales Representative.

In his conversation with Teske, he discusses:

  • Finding his passion for water conservation and sustainability
  • The Climate Reality Project
  • The potential for links between business and sustainability organizations
  • Focusing on efforts that are scalable
  • How smart irrigation technology can be a driver for water conservation
  • How to take those first steps in following your passion

Listen to the full conversation on the H2OMICS podcast. Each episode features an interview with an expert in the fields of irrigation and water conservation or sustainability, highlighting vital topics which might otherwise not be on the radar of listeners.

To listen to the H2OMICS podcast, visit or search for H2OMICS on your favorite podcast platform.

About Calsense

Calsense is a partner with the Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense® program in promoting water efficient products and services. For 35 years, the company has contributed to providing a sustainable future by developing water resource management tools and strategies, directly incorporating input from its customers. Calsense helps its customers conserve water, manage labor, and ultimately save money through smart irrigation. The company’s industry-leading technology and support bridge the gap between irrigation designer, installer, landscape maintainer and water manager to provide the support needed at each phase of a project. Customers partner with Calsense for a reliable system that provides long-term value. For more information, visit

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