H2omics Talks with Brian Wunsch: Advancing Water Resource Sustainability

May 29, 2024

We are excited to announce the latest episode of the H2OMICS podcast, where we dive into the world of smart irrigation and sustainability. In this episode, host Julia welcomes Brian Wunsch, a water resource agent at the Idaho Department of Water Resources, who brings a wealth of experience and insight into water management.

Brian’s journey into water resource management is nothing short of inspiring. From his early days working with the United States Bureau of Reclamation to his pivotal role as the irrigation specialist at CSU Chico, Brian has dedicated his career to understanding and improving water use practices. His expertise spans across various roles, including landscape maintenance, irrigation repair, and now, helping document water rights with the state of Idaho.

In the podcast, Brian shares his passion for water management, sparked by his early career experiences and through years of tackling drought conditions in Northern California. He discusses the significant impact of upgrading irrigation controllers at CSU Chico, a project that not only modernized the university’s infrastructure but also earned him recognition as a champion of irrigation.

Brian emphasizes the importance of collaboration in addressing water challenges, citing successful partnerships like the one with California Water Service, which helped secure rebates for irrigation upgrades. He also highlights the role of universities in driving innovation and sustainability in water management, sharing his experience at Chico State where his practical work often influenced academic discussions and vice versa.

Tune in to this enriching episode of H2OMICS to hear more about Brian’s journey and gain insights into the evolving field of water management. Visit www.calsense.com/podcast or search for H2OMICS on your preferred podcast platform.

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