Government agencies desire ways to streamline operations and cut costs through the efficient management of  time, labor, property maintenance, and water. Calsense focuses on your specific needs and applications and in our experience partnering with government for three decades; we understand the process and create the path to help you get started and finish with proven results. Calsense cares about empowering individuals to learn how to use innovative automation for landscape irrigation so resource management is achieved and long-term value is the result. It’s about working together for success and being involved with you and your team every step of the way for years to come.

Bridging the gap between irrigation designer, irrigation installer, landscape maintenance, and water manager, Calsense provides all the support needed at each phase of every project.  Water management products and principles, in this way are used effectively to achieve everyone’s common goal of receiving what was purchased, a Resource Management System that works and long term value.


It’s about hardware and software that provides powerful, easy to use solutions for all types of applications from a simple site with one controller, one water source or a more complex site with multiple controllers sharing one or several water sources like a high school, county park, or  sports complex.

We engineer powerful software code for irrigation controllers for machine smarts which automatically monitor the movement of water 24/7 and which communicate with each other to manage flow and pumps, detect breaks and categorize all water usage specific to each station on each controller. Calculating irrigation schedules based on daily weather conditions, and dynamically decreasing by percent across programs automatically when a monthly water allotment is being reached provides effective management tools.


Our customers depend on Calsense for reliability and quality products that are industrial grade, built to stand the test of time and work in tough environments. The durability of the Calsense product equates to minimum upkeep and repair costs, and where the customer rarely experiences equipment failure. If that occurs a quick response time and a proactive approach to rectify any problem is witnessed so that the customer is taken care of directly from the factory, and are kept running at peak capacity.

Customers’ partner with Calsense because they receive a reliable resource management system that works and long-term value. They can grow their system at their own pace because of the power and software intelligence of the field unit the model CS3000.  And because of the detailed water usage reports and graphs that our cloud software provides from any location, they have the necessary tools that help them stay within water department budgets and restrictions.


EPA WaterSense Partner

Calsense is honored to be partnered with the Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense program. The WaterSense national brand promotes water efficient products and services and Calsense’s irrigation controller is no exception. For 30-years, we have remained dedicated to water efficiency through not just weather-based irrigation but also flow monitoring, soil moisture sensing, and managing water budgets. As a WaterSense partner, we’re sharing in the EPA’s vision to protect and preserve the nation’s water supply by ensuring we meet the highest federal standards of efficiency. Visit the WaterSense website to learn more about this program and find rebates you may be eligible for when you purchase our WaterSense-certified CS3000 irrigation controller.