Schools and universities provide much of the forward-thinking trends we see in society. The sustainable choices which educational systems make have the power to influence others to act accordingly, making them influencers of sustainability. As students return to school this fall, Calsense would like to take a moment to recognize the achievements that school districts and universities have made together with the Calsense Resource Management System in order to reduce their water usage and associated costs.


UTA Irrigation Coordinator

In 2012, the University of Texas at Austin made a goal of reducing domestic water use by at least 20%, as well as sourcing 40% of total water use from reclaimed sources. To do so, the university upgraded to Calsense products, in addition to replacing sprinkler nozzle heads with MP Rotators, and replacing turf areas with drought tolerant plants. These simple changes resulted in a whopping 66% reduction in water usage each year since 2012! Over time, this reduction has saved the university over $1 million in cost avoidance, as well as saving over 100 million gallons of freshwater per year. Through the use of water data collected by Calsense products, the city of Austin is able to prepare for possible future water reduction requirements, in addition to providing a comparison of university water usage to the city water budget.



When utilizing computer technology to improve irrigation needs, usability by end-users is just as important as technology superiority. A school or university’s field technicians and irrigation/landscaping staff must be able to navigate through controller functions with ease. Deer Valley Unified School District near Phoenix, Arizona had goals to save water, save money and make effective use of staff time. After reviewing other central control systems, Deer Valley chose Calsense due to its functionality and intuitive user design. Through this system, a user can be stationed at an office or school, utilizing a computer to manage and communicate with irrigation controllers in the field. At Deer Valley, the main central control computer is located at their facilities office, with satellite computers located at each facility. The Calsense flow monitoring system helps detect when sprinkler heads or main valves break, shutting down the system and sending out an alert to the main control, allowing for a much quicker repair time and saved labor costs. Calsense products also increased the efficiency of the school district’s irrigation system, allowing a reduction in stand-alone controllers from 120 to 80.



In sunny San Diego, San Diego State University has been a customer with Calsense for over 20 years, starting initially with only a few wall mounted controllers- now 90% of the 300 acre campus is completed. Irrigation ranks as the university’s second highest category of water usage, but even so, the university previously won the Best Practice Award for Water Efficiency/Site Water Quality through the use of the Calsense Resource Management System at the CSU/UC/CCC Sustainability Conference. The conference recognizes superior practices in campus operations, planning, design, curriculum and research throughout California. SDSU continues its partnership with Calsense by requiring all new buildings and re-models to utilize Calsense certified systems, ensuring continued sustainability.


The Snowline Joint Unified School District within the San Bernardino County struggled to find the man hours necessary to adjust programming for over 40 controllers within the expanding district, as well as additional programming to compensate for extreme high-desert weather changes. They decided to work with the Calsense ET2000e controller, which utilizes Ethernet and Local Radio for communication to give staff an improved control over programming and monitoring. The controllers also utilize Calsense flow sensors, providing water use data as well as the ability to shut down valves and master valves in case breaks occur. Over the years, Snowline Joint USD has seen a 25% reduction in water savings after installing Calsense technology, allowing them to reduce their fertilizer usage due to dispersing water more efficiently, improving their cost savings. Even further, these changes reduced man hours spent on maintenance, cutting costs by about 80%!


Calsense is proud to be partnered with educational systems that care not only about reducing water usage and costs, but also by setting a positive example for society to pursue more sustainable actions. We aim to continue helping customers achieve their specific water management goals, no matter how daunting they may be. Contact us for more information on how we can improve your irrigation needs!


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