Calsense attended Florida Recreation and Parks Association’s annual conference last month in Orlando.  This event offers great opportunities every year to connect with recreation and park professionals from Florida and other Southeast regions. This year’s theme was Parks and Reconomics, which emphasized the importance of parks and recreation in communities and how to share this message with others. There were numerous education sessions, as well as several exhibit hours where we had the opportunity to speak with many attendees. Product Specialist, Paul LaLuzerne and Inside Sales Representative, Stephen Valverde attended on behalf of Calsense.

Florida Water Issues

Although Florida may not struggle with drought, the state has a plethora of rainfall year-round, creating flooding and other water issues that could benefit from the aid of a smart water management system like Calsense. FRPA attendees provided opportunities for Calsense to learn more about common irrigation pain-points for the region, and what their specific needs may be for Parks & Recreation sites. Fine-tuning capabilities, reliability and ease of use were the top mentioned feature needs for this year’s crowd.  Attendees were also pleased to discover Calsense has a warranty for lightning which is favorable since the region experiences frequent lightning strikes.

Parks and Recreation Needs

Parks and recreation facilities have unique needs when it comes to irrigation. There are a variety of uses for these communal areas and they all have specific water needs.

  • Sports Fields
    • Soccer
    • Baseball
    • Football
  • Parks
    • Leisure
    • Entertainment
    • Special events

Sports fields are specific to the timing of their use, which limits their watering windows. Field managers need to make sure that the area is safe for use, and at its optimal health for activities. This helps to prevent injuries as well as ensure that the landscape is at its prime for a variety of sports and activities. Sports fields also need to make sure irrigation is coordinated with their mowing schedule so they can properly prepare for recreation. Parks tend to be large areas with several types of soil and plants, all requiring a variety of irrigation needs. Our system allows the parks manager to specify these differences throughout the park and irrigate accordingly- which saves both water and time.

Calsense was proud to be a part of this year’s FRPA annual conference and is excited to see everyone again next year. Visit our featured projects page to see how we have helped cities, campuses and parks save water, money and time!

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