ECOLIFE Aquaponics farm

Recently, Calsense has explored the benefits of bringing smart water management to the aquaponics industry with a local innovation center, ECOLIFE Conservation.

Aquaponics is the process of combining aquaculture and hydroponics, where many of the byproducts of one system become cancelled by the processes of the other. It is a fully organic and sustainable process, allowing you to grow vegetables and fish in one system, while using less space and water than traditional farming or aquaculture.

Aquaponic systems can benefit from our Resource Management System through flow analysis, detecting leaks and clogged intakes, pond refill automation and more. Our new partnership with ECOLIFE Aquaponics in municipalities and K-12 school districts will not only teach the next generation about sustainable farming, but also provide much-needed fresh produce to under-served communities and food pantries across San Diego County and Southern California!

To learn more about aquaponics and how it will shape future agriculture, check out the full Huffington Post article.

Calsense flowmeter and sensors to the right of the water pump.
Calsense flowmeter and sensors to the right of the water pump.
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