Calsense, a leading manufacturer of smart technology for water and labor management of landscape irrigation, is celebrating its 30-year anniversary this month! Thank you to our customers who have placed their confidence in our company to engineer effective solutions and deliver quality products over the years for their resource management needs. We truly appreciate your business, are grateful for our success, and are proud of our long-standing as an industry leader.

Additionally, Calsense is pleased to announce a fresh redesign of the company’s online presence with the launching of a new website. In doing so, we celebrate change and look forward to the future where new technological advances and intelligent automation offer more powerful means to conserve water and manage valuable resources with higher efficiency, smarter analytics, and greater long-term value for generations to come!


“Calsense has been helping me conserve water since 1996. Their revolutionary products, coupled with their unrivaled customer service and product support, have always been there to meet my organization’s operational challenges and ever changing needs.”

Hector Kistemann, Public Landscape Manager, City of Santa Monica, CA


“The City of Yorba Linda, CA and myself have been a customer of Calsense for over 18 years and when asked how I like it, the first words out of my mouth are ‘the best customer service in the industry as well as the best product’. Thanks Calsense for your support over the years!”

Brad Skeene, Parks and Facilities Manager, City of Yorba Linda, CA


“Calsense has been a great irrigation system for our campus. The ability to use the system online is a time saver for our grounds crew. Calsense support and customer service has been extremely helpful. I look forward to all of their future developments in technology and online services.”

George Martinez, Assistant Director of Facility Services, Cal-State University, San Marcos, CA


Calsense was incorporated in 1986 by Ralph Miller with an initial emphasis on soil moisture sensing in response to a California drought. Ralph’s vision for Calsense as a service oriented company, focused on a niche government market, came to be by providing customers with factory-direct, after-sale service and training at no additional cost. This has helped countless customers be successful using Calsense technology once purchased. This model has provided Calsense invaluable direct customer feedback to improve and evolve technology for specific market needs for three decades. Other significant highlights over the 30-year history are:


  • 1989 – First Calsense irrigation controller, model 2000, introduced along with the first Calsense software package for central control, running atop Microsoft® DOS®.
  • 1991 – Calsense model 2100 developed which offered real-time flow monitoring on the controller display as a first, introduced to the industry.
  • 1993 – A decentralized approach to weather-based irrigation control with the introduction of the ET1 controller, offering ‘power in the field’ and using on-site ET and rain data to automatically adjust station run times based on daily weather conditions.
  • 1995 – Calsense introduced Command Center for Microsoft® Windows,® offering graphical central control.
  • 1999 – The ET2000 controller was released, capable of using both daily weather data and moisture sensors to control irrigation. Also included a large, intuitive, ATM-style display.
  • 2003 – Introduced the innovative FLOWSENSE® software, allowing multiple ET2000 controllers share one or more points of connection to irrigate the system’s mainline capacity to shorten the watering window.
  • 2006 – Calsense released the model ET2000e. This enhanced controller provided Calsense customers with state-of-the-art water management tools and an intuitive RRe-TRAN radio remote.
  • 2008 – Introduced WEATHERSENSE which provides daily weather information across the United States with no need for on-site sensors.
  • 2011 – Rolled out Command Center Online, cloud-based to communicate with cellular, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi controllers.
  • 2014 – Released the CS3000 which supports both conventional wiring and/or 2-Wire. All options are modular with built-in transient protection and can be added in the field using plug-and-play technology. The controller maintains persistent communication back to the end user so information is always available.


Calsense focuses on engineering advanced technology for irrigation control and resource management specific to government landscape applications such as city and county parks, school districts, colleges and universities. As specialists in this niche market for 30-years, we understand the government process and know what it takes every step of the way to plan, implement and support staff so they experience smart water and labor management technology that works, real results and long-term value. Having confidence in the product and the people who support it is why customers choose Calsense.