calsense banner hung in discovery park

This past Saturday, Calsense joined dozens of volunteers from the Chula Vista community at Discovery Park to retrofit its irrigation system thanks to funding from a temporary, voter-approved sales tax.  Spearheaded by the Chula Vista Youth Sports Council, hundreds of sprinkler heads and nozzles were replaced in order to maintain playability and enjoyment, while reducing liability of the sports fields and other outdoor spaces within the 20.4-acre park. The upgrades are to be used with the Calsense Resource Management System, a water and labor saving technology that cuts costs while managing irrigation sustainably for increased longevity of investments.

Volunteer teams including youth athletes, Calsense, Hunter Industries and Ewing Irrigation, plus staff from the City of Chula Vista removed grassy patches blocking water flow, and spread mulch in sparse areas to improve the overall condition of the fields. The Chula Vista Youth Sports Council was the main force in creating this community development, as the council consists of many types of sports teams who share the playing fields regularly. Through their efforts, an entire community varying from Irrigation industry experts to local labor forces gathered to sponsor the needed infrastructure upgrades for Discovery Park.

workers replacing sprinkler heads

“Calsense is thrilled to have the ability to increase our impact on the communities we serve,” says Vice President of Sales Rick Capitanio, who attended the volunteer work party Saturday. “It is so rare to see such a strong commitment from a wide variety of industries, all sharing the goal of increasing the greater good for our youth in sports.”

Mark Huntzinger, Product Representative for Calsense also commented on the outpouring of volunteerism. “The Chula Vista Youth Sports Council truly cares about their children, their fields and the city. I was amazed at how many people were there on their own time, providing labor and services for no pay.”

These upgrades were covered through funds from Chula Vista Ballot Measure P, a temporary half-cent sales tax increase created to fund infrastructure projects such as emergency resources, street paving and sports/field repairs. Measure P was passed by voters in 2016, and went into effect in April 2017, projecting $178 million to be raised within its ten year lifespan. These funds will allow Chula Vista to retrofit other parks with new smart irrigation systems, according to the Chula Vista Youth Sports Council. Other parks with high priority include the Chula Vista Community Park, Tera Nova Park and Rohr Park.

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