This year the Sports Turf Managers Association annual conference and exhibition was held in Palm Beach, Florida. Since 1981, STMA has been working with professionals in the landscape industry to educate and expand knowledge. Events like their annual conference connect likeminded individuals and allow people to share ideas. The event offers small group discussions, keynote speakers, student activities, and an exhibit hall for vendors to share information.

Keynote Speaker Rodney Smith Jr.

This year’s keynote speaker Rodney Smith Jr. shared his story of cutting lawns for those in need. He founded Raising Men Lawn Care Service and encouraged young people to volunteer to learn the importance of service and helping others. RMLCS provides free lawn care to elders, the disabled, single mothers and veterans who do not have the time, resources and/or money to take care of their yards.

Calsense and Sports Turf Management

The Calsense controller is particularly valuable for sports complexes and fields due to our custom settings available for all turf needs. With the Calsense CS3000 controller,  you will never have to worry about irrigation ruining an event or tournament. The “No Water Days” feature allows you to turn off all scheduled irrigation for a consecutive amount of days with just a push of a few buttons. Calsense is dedicated to you and your site’s resource management needs. Calsense also offers a light feature that allows you to schedule lighting in a facility just like you schedule irrigation. Calsense is committed to helping our customers will all their needs. This light feature allows customers to control irrigation and lighting all in one system. Learn more about how we can help you manage your sports turf.

2020 Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA) Conference Highlights

Highlights from the conference include:
  • Appearance from George Toma
George Toma visits STMA Conference

Calsense had a great experience at this year’s STMA conference and is looking forward to next year in Palm Springs!

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