We all know how important it is to keep track of your water usage. In some areas of our country, the water department will triple the cost of your water if you use too much, or you may be fined if you break local drought mandates. Being efficient with water use is easy to do with the CS3000 controller.

The CS3000 harnesses data to provide water-saving automation that saves you money, and reduces time spent on labor. Create a Water Budget to ensure your site stays within its usage limits.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Set up a Budget
a. Choose either the Yearly, Monthly, or ET method to calculate budget amount.

  • Use multiple years of past water bills to calculate the average yearly or average monthly water usage.
  • Or, use Historical ET and square footage from the controller location to calculate the budget amount for the year.

b. Input the information into the controller.

  • The CS3000 allows the user to input the calculated budget numbers into multiple pay periods that coincide with the billing cycle of the water bill.


Step 2: Automatically stay in budget or have the controller ‘Alert’ if it’s going over

a. Decide how the controller will help to manage the budget.

  • The controller will create an ‘Alert’ when the water usage is going to exceed the budget.
  • Or, the controller can automatically reduce the water usage to keep the system within the budget.


Step 3: Select which source of water will be monitored

a. Decide which sources of water should count against the budget.

  • If you have a source of water that is not measured against the budget, it can simply be excluded.


Step 4: Show off your Report

a. Look at the Budget Report to see a comparison of actual water usage versus the budgeted amount.