Care for the environment is at the very core of our business model. We believe that landscaping and sustainability can coexist. The CS3-SL proves that not only can they coexist but thrive! The CS3000 Solar Model, CS3-SL, takes everything we love about the CS3000and makes it our most sustainably powered to date. Solar power has been a leader in sustainable energy and Calsense is so excited to bring this technology to our product.CS3000 Solar Solution: harmony between sustainability and irrigation

The CS3-SL unit is housed in a flip-top double-wide enclosure that includes a Calsense CS3000 irrigation controller on the left with the solar controller’s charger equipment on the right.

Calsense CS3-SL

This solution provides robust irrigation management with simple installation, as well as minor lifetime maintenance by maximizing battery charge. The self-sustaining efficiency of this solar kit makes it the most environmentally friendly irrigation controller on the market, which can easily be integrated into your existing Calsense system.

The CS3-SL is a great option for:

    • Sites where infrastructure prevents new wire paths

    • Remote locations without hardwired electricity

    • Sites seeking to achieve LEED or other sustainable certifications

Read more about the solar charger, battery monitor, and more on the CS3- SL data sheet.

CS3000 Solar Solution: harmony between sustainability and irrigation