commercial mower

Do you cut your grass? Well of course you do! Most people avoid cutting grass while wet for a multitude of reasons: messiness, safety, and chlorophyll stains from cut blades are just a few. If you need to schedule a mow day during the week and want to avoid any worries of your irrigation turning on, the Calsense CS3000 controller has just the right feature for you!


Here’s what you do:

Log in via Command Center Online.

  1. Choose the controller you would like to set for a mow day. Select Reports> Program Data.
  2. Under Station Group Settings choose edit next to start times and water days.
  3. Click on mow days and select the day or days you would like the irrigation to be off so that you have dry turf to mow. Click OK.
  4. When finished make sure you save your changes before exiting Command Center Online.
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