July is just around the corner and the summer heat is in full effect. Calsense supports your irrigation needs year-round, especially during the summer months where watering responsibly is crucial to your landscape and environmental health.

The Percent Adjust feature on the CS3000 controller provides the ability to increase or decrease the run times of ALL stations assigned to a Station Group for a predetermined amount of time such as specific number of days, and then automatically goes back to the regular scheduled irrigation times when those days elapse. Station Groups are designated Hydro Zones consisting of plants with similar watering requirements, soil characteristics and irrigation methods.

This feature allows users to make temporary changes to their run times for several different reasons. The most common reason users choose to implement Percent Adjust is for upcoming weather events. Weather depends on the region and what types of extremes they experience. For example, in southern California, the most common events include heatwaves over the summer months as well as Santa Ana winds which both would necessitate an increase in watering. By increasing the percentage of irrigation duration during summer months and times known as “July Fry” users can still maintain the plant health of their landscapes.

On the opposite side of the weather spectrum, the feature can also be utilized during winter months, especially in areas that experience freezing temperatures. Minimizing the amount of water irrigated can help to prevent areas from being overly saturated.

Finally, another way Percent Adjust can be used that is not weather-related is when new plant material is installed. Irrigation can be adjusted for a specific period while the new plants require more water and the roots begin to grow.

Use the steps below to use this feature at the controller:

  1. From Main Menu, navigate to Scheduled Irrigation and select Percent Adjust. The Percent Adjust screen displays (Figure 1).
  2. Use +/- to increase or decrease the percentage for each Station Group. You can increase it up to 100%, effectively doubling the stations’ run times, or reduce it down to -20%.
  3. Use +/- to set the number of days the adjustment should remain in effect. This can be set up to 366-days and the end date will update to reflect the actual date the percent adjust will end.
  4. When finished, press BACK to save changes, and return to Main Menu.

Figure 1 – Percent Adjust screen

After Percent Adjust has been set, you can go back and view the stations to see how it has altered the run times. This is a good practice that allows you to verify the change has been completed accurately. The CS300 uses features like this and many more to help you optimize your water use while maintaining plant health through all seasons. Check out more tech tips here!