Begin by accepting our expertise and leadership in creating a strategic plan for your success! As specialists in government landscape applications, irrigation control and resource management, we work to understand the government process. Calsense responds quickly to customer needs and engineers technology that reflects those needs. It is our combination of consistent hands-on education in the field and specialized quality products that work, which produces the success that Calsense customers’ experience.

Step 1: Plan

Partners in Planning your Success

Our partnership with customers is everything. Understanding your unique needs and putting your interests first is key. Let us create a strategic plan for your success together using a consultative approach.

  • We sit down with stakeholders and learn what’s important to them and their unique needs.
  • We show you how the benefits of our custom designed solutions fit those needs and provide long-term value.
  • We bridge the gap between landscape architect, irrigation contractor and maintenance staff, by actively being involved in the process to support your investment.
Step 2: Demo

Test Drive to Document Results

Calsense offers a Demo Program to test drive our system and prove the results before purchase. See if our technology fits your needs and applications, and provides the solutions you are looking for firsthand. Together we’ll select the best location so that it is a win-win for everyone.

  • The value of using flow monitoring and management, daily weather to calculate irrigation runtime, and the ease of using cloud-based software are all  experienced.
  • Your staff installs it with our guidance to learn correct procedures.
Step 3: Install

Proper installation for Proper Operation

A water management system with fewer components makes installation easy and less to maintain.  Making sure product is installed according to manufacturer’s specifications is as valuable.  

  • Calsense educates customer staff on proper guidelines when in-house installations occur.
  • Calsense trains designated staff how to verify proper installation and functionality of product before turnover occurs with contract installations.
  • We work at assuring you get what you pay for in a working system.
Step 4: Train

Empowering Learning through Guidance

Calsense engineers technology to meet the needs of the government market, understanding the importance of simple and intuitive, yet powerful with intelligent automation for water management and labor savings.

  • Calsense service technicians provide factory-direct training and support on a consistent basis included in the overall cost.
  • Training occurs at your project site, at your computer.
  • Trouble-shooting skills are taught to assist in maintaining system integrity.
  • When a user embraces technology and wants to use it, system performance and results are realized.
Step 5: Results

Delivering Proven Results

Calsense empowers customers to succeed, prove results and calculate a return on the investment.

  • Value is accomplished by first planning for success and implementing the plan.
  • Demonstrating the power of the system’s ability to monitor weather, manage flow, detect breaks, and collect and analyze data produce custom water saving and labor management reports.
  • Proving results justifies a big picture phase-in program of the Calsense system one step at a time, one budget cycle at a time.