Leaky or broken pipes, equipment failures, sprinklers running when it’s raining, poor service and slow response time are just some of the frustrating and costly issues that Calsense H2OMICS, the science of intelligent water management, is designed to solve. Tell us what’s going on and we’ll be happy to work with you to make these problems go away forever.


    When our competitors’ products are installed on systems that aren’t H2OMIC and aren’t designed or programmed to your resource management needs, they’ll say they’re saving you money and headaches. What they don’t say is that it’s going to cost you dearly later. Staff hours spent taking care of “issues,” overages on water usage, soggy fields, undetected breaks, and even downtime are all very common. Tell us more and we’ll be happy to do some problem-solving with you.


    Isn’t it funny how, no matter what your contractor does, your water bills never go down? How about those fees, often recurring, that nobody told you about? The whole point with Calsense H2OMICS is intelligent water management - using the power of data to optimize efficiency and create a predictable ROI. Describe what you’d like to see and we’ll be happy to help you get there.

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