It’s not just what a company offers that matters, but how they make it happen. Here at Calsense, we are proud to be made in America, keeping each stage of design, production, manufacturing and assembly stateside. A product must be all, or virtually all made in the United States to make the claim ‘Made in America,’ according to the Federal Trade Commission. Our production and engineering departments are housed in our corporate headquarters in Carlsbad, CA, as well as our product assembly team. The main controller processing boards, front and back panel components, controller cabinets and enclosures are also manufactured locally in San Diego county.

By keeping all aspects of manufacturing local rather than overseas, Calsense is able to avoid working around the limitations posed by foreign factories. Our factory layout is fully customized for our product needs and efficient lean manufacturing, providing flexibility and the ability to have production made-to-order, without excessive backlogs. We also provide our employees with fair, livable wages and a safe working environment- something not common in foreign manufacturing industries. This allows Calsense to consistently produce the highest quality irrigation solutions possible, a standard we have become known for.

America was able to grow to the international powerhouse it is today due to its strong manufacturing presence during the post war economic boom of the mid-twentieth century. Though the world has not seen manufacturing intensity at that level since, Calsense is proud to be a part of a renewed trend of increased American manufacturing in this new Information Age. Housing our engineering department at our Carlsbad headquarters contributes to our domestic job market, keeping leadership and technology innovation stateside. By strengthening our domestic job force, our nation is able to gain protection from international economic and political disruptions that normally wreak havoc on economies with a strong dependence on overseas manufacturing.

Calsense will continue to make every effort to ensure our practices remain fair for all employees without diminishing product quality as our company expands. Purchasing a Calsense product gives customers a peace of mind, as it directly contributes to a rise in America’s skilled workforce and prosperity. We are proud to offer products that provide not only functional benefit, but also positive social impacts that customers can feel good supporting.

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