Executive Summary

The City of Conroe took advantage of the Calsense Demo Program to help optimize time and resources in order to irrigate more efficiently at Booker T. Washington Park.

The goal: Help address the overwatering of the soccer field and provide City staff with the technology, education, and support needed to proactively monitor and manage the park’s irrigation system. Conroe replaced their outdated equipment with a Calsense smart controller, along with a flow meter and master valve, in order to help monitor water usage, utilize onsite weather data and budget features, as well as detect and report irrigation problems such as high flows and mainline breaks.

  • Average Water Savings Per Year = 1,549,000 gallons (Savings of 71% compared to baseline numbers)
  • Average Annual Savings = $4,321
  • ROI = 1.47 years
Boy preparing to kick the ball

About: Booker T. Washington Park is an essential park for the surrounding community. To support the multiple uses of the park, the baseball fields, concession building and playground were raised to make room for a lighted multi-use field with spectator seating, a concession/pavilion/restroom building for group functions, a shaded play structure, a basketball court, picnic areas and a walking path. Lauren Arnold is the Parks Superintendent at the City of Conroe and leads his team to maintain many parks in the city including Booker T. Washington.


The park is relatively small with a total area just under five acres, and the largest area of the park is used for the soccer field. The biggest challenge the park faced prior to Calsense was the overwatering of the soccer field since there was no weather-based schedule and no way to prevent flooding caused by mainline breaks. The City often received complaints from users that the turf was consistently wet, often making it unusable. Conroe was in need of a system that would help make city staff’s life easier, improve user experience, while meeting the conservation goals of a rapidly growing small city. With a limited crew operating multiple parks, Conroe was looking for a solution that would reduce the amount of time required to drive to and physically walk the site to assess issues.

How Calsense Helped

The Calsense Technical Sales rep began conversations with the Parks Superintendent, Lauren Arnold, to learn about the City’s irrigation goals and challenges in 2017. Afterwards, Calsense sales and field service surveyed multiple parks together to find the ideal location for demo and to help explain the Calsense process. After installation, the Calsense Account Manager provided ongoing training and education which allowed Conroe to realize the potential of the controller. At the end of the demo period, Calsense and the City of Conroe analyzed the budget and savings together to help calculate a ROI for the controller.


After the Calsense installment, the park’s staff saved time and resources and allowed park users to enjoy this valuable amenity. They were also able to see water savings almost instantly. The park’s water savings average per year was is 1,549,000 gallons which is a 71% savings from the baseline year in 2017!  The park has also saved an annual average of over $4,000 and achieved an ROI of 1.47 years.

“As Conroe has continued to grow rapidly in recent years, the city has focused more on improving resource management and by adding Calsense, our park has made a great step in the right direction to reduce our water consumption.” Lauren Arnold, CPRP CPSI – Parks Superintendent | City of Conroe