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Here to Serve

As a company, our first priority is dedicated to the success of our customers. Calsense Product Representatives provide product information, presentations, and technical specifications to landscape architects, irrigation designers, and customer staff members.

Nation-wide Support

Calsense Field Service Representatives provide product and technical support and training in various locations throughout the United States. When you need information, instruction or personal assistance, contact us for more details, or call the factory at 1-800-572-8608.

Tech and Field Support

Technical and field support in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Washington and coming soon to your area.

End to End

Calsense has the experience and reputation for the hardware, software, and people necessary to provide a complete water management system.  Bridging the gap between irrigation designer, irrigation installer, landscape maintenance, and water manager, Calsense provides all the support needed at each phase of every project.  Water management products and principles, in this way are used effectively to achieve everyone’s common goal of receiving what was purchased, a “Resource Management System that works.”

CAD Drawings

The following technical, schematic drawings are available in either a PDF or AutoCAD DWG format.

CS3000 Drawings

  • Wall-Mount (model CS3-WM) Installation    PDF    DWG
  • Stainless Steel Enclosure (model CS3-S) Installation    PDF    DWG
  • Double-Wide Stainless Steel Enclosure (model CS3-D) Installation    PDF    DWG
  • 2-Wire 2-Station Decoder (model CS-2W-2ST) Installation    PDF    DWG
  • 2-Wire POC Decoder (model CS-2W-POC) Installation    PDF    DWG
  • 2-Wire Moisture Sensor Decoder (model CS-2W-MOIST) Installation  PDF  DWG

CS3-SL Drawings

  • Double-Wide Stainless Steel Enclosure (model Solar SSE-D) Installation     PDF
  • Solar Pole Installation    PDF

ET2000e Drawings

Installation Drawings

  • Grounding Instructions    PDF    DWG
  • ET2000e Transient Protection Installation    PDF    DWG
  • Stainless Steel Enclosure (model SSE) Installation    PDF    DWG
  • Double-Wide Stainless Steel Enclosure (model SSE-D) Installation    PDF    DWG
  • Pole-Mounted Antenna Mounting    PDF
  • ET Gage Enclosure (model ETGE) Installation    PDF    DWG
  • Tipping Rain Bucket (model RB-1) Mounting    PDF    DWG
  • Moisture Sensor (model 1000-S) Installation    PDF    DWG

Communication Drawings

  • Local Radio Overview    PDF    DWG
  • Local Radio (model -LR) Communications Overview    PDF    DWG
  • Phone Modem (model -R) Overview    PDF    DWG
  • Hardwire (model -M) Communications Overview    PDF    DWG
  • Hardwire (model -M) Cable Wiring    PDF    DWG

Wiring Drawings

  • -F Option Wiring Diagram    PDF    DWG
  • Sharing an ET Gage (model ETG) among Multiple Controllers    PDF    DWG
  • Lights (model -L) Wiring    PDF    DWG

Flow Meter Drawings

  • Flow Meter (model FM) Installation    PDF    DWG
  • Insert-Style Flow Meter (model FMBX) Installation    PDF    DWG
  • Wire Splice Detail    PDF    DWG