The 2‐Station decoder, model CS-2W-2ST, operates up to 2‐solenoids using uniquely colored wires for each station. A single controller can operate up to 128 2‐Wire stations, spread across a maximum of 70 physical 2‐Station decoders. It is intended that all wire runs between valves and 2‐Wire decoders be direct pulls and have no splices except at the decoder location.

2-Station 2-Wire Decoder Specifications


  • Height: 1.4”
  • Width: 3.3”
  • Length: 4.0”


  • Operating Temperature: -12° to 65°C (10° to 150°F)

Electrical Output

  • Max Voltage: 24-VAC

2-Wire Cable

  • 14-gauge (1.5 mm) solid copper, jacketed
  • Paige® P7354D or Regency’s Hunter® Decoder Cable

Wire Splices

  • 3M™ Scotchcast™ Connector Sealing Pack 3570G-N

Max Distance from Decoder to Solenoids

  • 100-ft., 14-gauge wire

Transient Protection

  • Ground wire included with each decoder
  • Ground rods to be installed at:
    • The controller
    • The decoder closest to every 300-ft. of wire run, and
    • The last decoder of each wire run


  • 3-year limited warranty

3M and Scotchcast are trademarks of 3M Company.
Hunter is a registered trademark of Hunter Industries, Inc.
Paige is a registered trademark of Paige Electric, LLP.