The Calsense Hub, model CS3-HUB, provides the same benefits as the CS3000 irrigation controller but also includes the ability to share a communication link back to the cloud using radio technology. A single hub can manage communication with hundreds of controllers including ET2000e and ET2000 controllers.


Like the CS3000, it offers flexibility found nowhere else in the industry. If the Hub is located in an area that requires irrigation, it can also operate as a controller with all of the features found in the CS3000.

Radio Communications

The communication link between the Hub and surrounding irrigation controllers can be:

  • Local Radio, model CS3-LR, which operates on the 450-470 MHz FCC licensed frequency band
  • Spread Spectrum Radio, model CS3-SR, which requires line-of-site

A radio survey is required before final acceptance of Local Radio as a communication method. Calsense will provide this survey at no-charge to the user. The Local Radio option also requires the end user to license frequencies with the FCC. Calsense will assist with the application forms and selection of appropriate frequencies if necessary. The Spread Spectrum Radio option does not require FCC licensing.

CS3-HUB Controller Details

The Hub can be ordered as a standard hub, model CS3-HUB, which does not include any stations outputs, though they can be added at any time later with the CS3000’s unique modular design. Additionally, the ability to act as a Hub can be added to any CS3000 irrigation controller by adding the CS3-HUB-OPT option.

CS3-HUB Controller Specifications


Input requirement: 120VAC single phase, 1 amp
Station outputs: 24VAC, 2.0 amps max (short protected)


Height: 16.25″ Color: Medium Gray
Width: 14.50″ Material: 16 gauge, powder-coated, stainless steel
Depth: 7.25″

Communication Options

Link to Cloud

  • CS3-GR 3.5G cellular modem
  • CS3-EN 10/100 Mbps Ethernet device
  • CS3-WEN 802.11b/g Wireless Ethernet (Wi-Fi) device

Radio Link with Controllers

  • CS3-SR Spread Spectrum Radio
  • CS3-LR Local Radio

Other Options

CS3-2W-OPT Interface for 2-Wire
CS3-FL FLOWSENSE® software to operate multiple controllers sharing flow
CS3-HUB-OPT Hub option to allow an existing CS3000 irrigation controller to share its communication link to the cloud
CS3-W-KIT Weather Interface for ET Gage, Tipping Rain Bucket, and Wind Gage
CS3-8ST-KIT 8-station card plus terminal
CS3-L-KIT Interface for four light circuits


EPA WaterSense Partner

Calsense is honored to be partnered with the Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense program. The WaterSense national brand promotes water efficient products and services and Calsense’s irrigation controller is no exception. For 30-years, we have remained dedicated to water efficiency through not just weather-based irrigation but also flow monitoring, soil moisture sensing, and managing water budgets. As a WaterSense partner, we’re sharing in the EPA’s vision to protect and preserve the nation’s water supply by ensuring we meet the highest federal standards of efficiency. Visit the WaterSense website to learn more about this program and find rebates you may be eligible for when you purchase our WaterSense-certified CS3000 irrigation controller.