The Calsense FLOWSENSE® option allows multiple controllers to share an internet-connected central communication option, master valves, flow meters, and pumps, as well as real-time weather data from devices such as an ET Gage, Tipping Rain Bucket, Wind Gage, and/or third-party rain and freeze sensors.


  • Ability to share a single internet-connected central communication device
  • Manages the number of valves that can be turned on at a time based on mainline flow capacities
  • Ability to detect specific station/lateral break, shut it down and report it even when several valves are irrigating at the same time
  • Shortens the watering window
  • Synchronizes programming across controllers so any controller on the chain can be programmed from any other controller in that chain
  • Eliminates the need for relays when sharing pumps or master valves with several controllers
  • Eliminates scheduling conflicts with multiple controllers
  • Provides water management capabilities with or without a Flow Meter

FLOWSENSE® Technology Details

FLOWSENSE provides the ability to control the number of valves turned on based on the flow capacities of each mainline. This minimizes the water window ensuring the allowable mainline flow rate is never exceeded, ensuring pumps operate at their capacity and each irrigation mainline functions at maximum

Similar to a single controller, FLOWSENSE accurately pinpoints valves with High/Low/No flows caused by broken sprinklers, risers, pipes and clogged nozzles. When such a flow event occurs, affected valves are identified, shut down, and alerts are generated to notify the user for quick and easy repair. The controllers also identify electrical problems, such as shorted solenoids and broken wires.

Real-time POC and mainline flow screens provide an instant snapshot of what the system is doing at any given time.

FLOWSENSE® Technology Specifications

Maximum Controllers

  • Up to 12-controllers linked together supported by spread spectrum radio or hardwired  communications between controllers


  • CS3-SR – Spread spectrum radio
  • CS3-M-KIT – Hardwire link hardwire cable with Paige P7171D communication cable

FLOWSENSE is a registered trademark of California Sensor Corporation dba Calsense.