The Calsense model LMR®-400-DB and LMR-600-DB antenna cables are ideal for increasing the range of your Local Radio and Spread Spectrum Radio networks  when used in conjunction with a Calsense Stick or Yagi antenna.

LMR®-400-DB & LMR-600-DB Antenna Cables Details

The LMR-400-DB and LMR-600-DB antenna cables are UV resistant, watertight, polyethylene-jacketed cables designed for 20-year service outdoor use.

The maximum length of LMR‐400‐DB cable is 100‐feet. Longer distances may be available with prior approval from Calsense, though will typically require LMR-600-DB.

LMR®-400-DB & LMR-600-DB Antenna Cables Specifications

Construction Material

  • Inner Conductor: Solid Bare Copper Coated Aluminum
  • Dielectric: Foam Polyethylene
  • Outer Conductor: Aluminum Tape
  • Outer Braid: Tinned Copper
  • Jacket: Polyethylene


  • Operating Temperature: -40° to 85°C (-40° to 185°F)


  • Safety: UL®, NEC®


  • 12-year limited warranty

UL is registered certification mark of UL LLC.
LMR is a registered trademark of Times Microwave Systems.
NEC is a registered trademark of, and National Electrical Code (NEC) standard is a copyright of the National Fire Protection Association, Inc.