Calsense Stubby Antennas are omnidirectional surface‐mount antennas designed for all indoor and outdoor environments and applications. The maximum cable length is dependent upon signal strength. Stubby antennas come with their own cables; however, they may be extended with prior approval from Calsense.

Stubby Antennas Details

Patented field technology ensures uninterrupted data transmissions in urban canyons and rural drop off areas. Shipped with a threaded permanent stud mount for vandal-resistant mounting on enclosures and brackets.

    • The Calsense Cellular Stubby Antenna (model GR‐STUBBY) is a broadband surface‐mount cellular antenna which operates at 3-dBi and 5-dBi, depending on the frequency
    • The Calsense Spread Spectrum Radio Stubby Antenna (model SR‐STUBBY) is 3-dBi
    • The Calsense Local Radio Stubby Antenna (model LR‐STUBBY) is 3-dBi
    • The Calsense Wireless Ethernet Stubby Antenna (model WEN‐STUBBY) is 3dB‐MEG
      Note: ANT‐CABLE‐WEN, purchased separately, is required to connect this antenna to the Wi‐Fi device.

Stubby Antennas Specifications


      • Height: 2.3”
      • Diameter: 1.4”


      • Surface-mount


      • 5-year limited warranty