The Calsense soil moisture sensor is used to accurately measure the volumetric water content at the depth at which the sensor is placed, by measuring the dielectric constant of the soil using capacitance/frequency domain technology. It is used to maintain soil water balance for optimum plant growth and to manage the amount of irrigation water applied. The model CS-2W-MOIST 2-Wire decoder is used in conjunction with the 2-Wire option, model CS3-2WIRE-OPT, offered only with the Calsense model CS3000 Irrigation Controller.

It is intended that all wire runs between valves and Calsense 2‐Wire Decoders be direct pulls and have no splices except at the Calsense Decoder location.


  • Provides two measurements: soil moisture content and soil temperature
  • Small size makes it easy to install in the field and the robust sensor can be pushed directly into undisturbed soil to ensure good accuracy.
  • Signal filtering minimizes salinity and textural effects, making the CS-2W-MOIST accurate in most soils.


  • Provides a soil moisture sensor and decoder in one for wiring one remote control valve
  • Built-in surge and lightning protection
  • Easy search for and identification of all decoders connected to the controller on the 2-wire design, enabling a list of controllers by serial number
  • Robust epoxy over-mold to resist corrosive environments


The combination of sensor/decoder comes standard with a 16-foot cable for proper moisture sensor placement and with the ability to wire one remote control valve to the 2-Wire cable. Moisture sensors can be installed anywhere on the 2-Wire path. Smart technology enables assigning decoder’s serial number, which is then associated with a specific moisture sensor location and a group of like stations at the controller. The model CS3000 Controller compares the sensor reading measured at the beginning of each irrigation cycle to the user-defined set point to determine when to stop irrigation.