Modular Options

Utilizing solar energy, the solar-powered irrigation controller offers a smart, sustainable solution for managing resources and labor costs in one convenient turnkey kit, accessible anywhere, anytime from any Internet-connected device. The unit is housed in a flip-top enclosure that includes a Calsense CS3000 irrigation controller housed on the left. The right section of the enclosure houses the solar controller and charger equipment. This includes batteries, a power inverter, a power monitor, and circuit breakers.

Pre-assembled and pre-wired for convenience, the CS3-8-SL offers support for up to 48 stations, or as a 2-Wire controller, featuring the CS3-GR-KIT, as the single communication option. The self-sustaining efficiency of this solar kit makes it the most environmentally friendly irrigation controller on the market, which can easily be integrated into your existing Calsense system.

The solar-powered controller is a great solution for:

  • Sites where infrastructure prevents new wire paths
  • Remote locations without hardwired electricity 
  • Sites seeking to achieve LEED or other sustainable certifications

Intelligent Software

The power of the CS3000 field controller is in the software intelligence that provides the automation and resource management capabilities. The large backlit display is intuitive and easy to use.

  • Program plant type, head and soil type, exposure and precipitation rate for ‘Groups’ of like stations saves time
  • Role-based access control to limit which settings users can change using individual PINs on the controller
  • EPA WaterSense certified for water savings

Solar Charger

The solar charger harnesses energy from your solar panel, storing it in the rechargeable batteries. Automatic battery voltage recognition maximizes this energy harvest, achieving a full charge in the shortest possible time. The battery optimizes its health, extending its lifecycle for years of continuous use.

  • Continuous power tracking ensures maximum energy harvest even during partial shade
  • ECO-mode, to conserve energy
  • Outstanding conversion efficiency to maximize the life of the battery
  • Natural convection cooling to minimize overheating of the battery

Universal Top-of-Pole Mount

Universal Top-of-Pole Mount with brackets and hardware comes with the solar panel included in the model CS3-8-SL. Pole is sold separately.

  • Optional Calsense pole: 16-foot pole, model CS3-SL-POLE
  • Supports a pole diameter of 3.0 – 4.0 inches (requires a properly anchored schedule 40 pipe)

Battery Monitor

Utilizing Bluetooth, the Battery Monitor wirelessly communicates between CS3-8-SL components, simplifying system installation and enhancing performance. Use a smartphone or Bluetooth enabled device to monitor all important data on a single screen.

  • Battery voltage, current, power, ampere-hours consumed and state of charge for full transparency of battery activity
  • Programmable visual and audible alarm for boosted security
  • Remaining time at the current rate of discharge giving you visibility on the power status