The CS3000 radio remote is a compact, time and labor savings tool for irrigation techs and field staff responsible for maintaining the integrity of any irrigation system. Provides an easy way to identify and troubleshoot valves with broken risers and heads, non-operational valves, and more without having to go to the irrigation controller. Stations are easily selected and viewed with their landscape description and corresponding flow rate, along with a countdown dial with the number of minutes remaining in the manual operation. Included with the CS3-RR is a 1-year prepaid data plan and a 3-year comprehensive warranty.


  • High visibility display in direct sunlight
  • Keys and screens can be used with heavy/wet gloves
  • Long battery life with 1,000-hour standby
  • Includes a 1-year data plan
  • Additional prepaid data plans are offered as Calsense COMM-1YR-RR or COMM-5YR-RR