• Increased wireless speed, improved reliability and extended transmission range with dual-band IEEE 802.11ac.
  • Enterprise-level security options including WPA2-Enterprise (EAP) for data encryption and authentication
  • Simple device set-up and configuration using a smartphone

The Wi-Fi option provides bulletproof security by offering robust data encryption, such as AES/CCMP and TKIP, and authentication options including WPA/WPA2 Pre-Shared Key, IEEE 802.1X, or AES-CCMP. Configuration of the device is simple using a smartphone, allowing you to quickly authenticate against an existing Wi-Fi network in minutes.


An antenna is required when using the Wi-Ficommunication option.

  • The Calsense Stubby Antenna, model WEN-STUBBY, included with the CS3-WEN-KIT, is an omnidirectional, low-profile transit antenna designed for all environments and applications.
  • The Calsense Yagi Antenna, model WEN-YAGI-11, is an 11-dB directional antenna designed to extend the range of the device.

Note: LMR-400-DB or LMR-600-DB cable is required if mounting a stick or yagi antenna.

Optional Equipment

Calsense also offers other equipment, including surge protection for Wi-Fi antennas.

  • The Calsense Antenna Surge Protector, model ANT-PROT, is a waterproof, ultra-low capacitance gas discharge tube-based surge arrestor device that protects the modem and controller from direct lightning strikes. Used in conjunction with Calsense stick or yagi antennas, the device is installed in series with the antenna cable and forces any electrical surges to ground. Note: An ANT-PROT is required when using a WEN-YAGI-11 antenna.