Using a newly rebuilt mobile-optimized version of the site, users can turn stations on and off on CS3000 controllers using their smart phone or tablet. Along with the ability to turn on up to six-valves simultaneously, it provides real-time flow information and details if a mainline break occurs, in addition to real-time weather data if you have an on-site Calsense-model Tipping Rain Bucket, ET Gage, or Wind Gage.

Our latest mobile update includes:

  • Updated user experience
  • Built-in improved security to better protect your data
  • Access to real-time water flow and weather information
  • Quick commands available at all levels of operation; from whole sites down to specific stations

On top of these updates, users can utilize the same functions of the original mobile website to complete several tasks and view updates on the system.  These include turning on up to six-valves simultaneously and viewing real-time flow information.