A Local Radio is a 2-watt, narrowband UHF 450-470 MHz radio modem. A local radio system has a single local radio hub and one or more controllers in the field with the local radio communication option. The hub manages data flow between the central computer and surrounding controllers.


  • Blanket your entire City or campus with wireless communication so your Calsense controllers can share a single central communication option
  • Provides reliable long-range communications



An antenna, purchased separately, is required to use the CS3-LR option for communication. Calsense offers three antennas, each designed to accommodate specific situations.

  • The Calsense Stubby Antenna, model LR-STUBBY, is a 3-dBi omnidirectional surface mount antenna designed for all environments and applications. This antenna is included when ordering this option as a kit, model CS3-LR-KIT.
  • The Calsense Stick Antenna, model LR-STICK-X, is a fiberglass omnidirectional antenna used to extend the range of a spread spectrum radio and is often recommended for use with spread spectrum hubs and repeaters. This antenna is available in 3-, 5-, and 7-dBi, represented by X in the part number.
  • The Calsense Yagi Antenna, model LR-YAGI-X, is an aluminum directional antenna typically used to extend the communications range of a specific controller location. This antenna is 7- and 10-dBi, represented by X in the part number.

LMR-400-DB or LMR-600-DB antenna cable is required when using a Stick or Yagi antenna.

  • Available in standard lengths ranging from 10’ to 50’: models LMR-400-DB-10ft, LMR-400-B-20ft, LMR-400-DB-30ft, LMR-400-DB-40ft and LMR-400-DB-50ft
  • Custom length cables are also available:
    • Model LMR-400-DB can be used for up to 100-feet. Special order only. Non-cancellable and non-returnable.
    • Model LMR-600-DB is available for cable lengths greater than 100-ft. Special order only. Non-cancellable and non-returnable.

Optional Equipment

Calsense also offers other equipment including a frequency filter and surge protection for spread spectrum radio antennas.

  • The Calsense Antenna Cable Surge Protector, model ANT-PROT, helps protect the RF filter, if installed, and the radio equipment from lightning strikes. Note: An ANT-PROT is required when using an LR-STICK antenna and recommended when using an LR-YAGI antenna.
  • The Calsense Local Radio Frequency Filter, model LR-FILTER, is a cavity resonator used to help prevent interference from unwanted frequencies by filtering them out. Note: An LR-FILTER is recommended when using an LR-STICK or LR-YAGI antenna.