Like the CS3000, it offers flexibility found nowhere else in the industry. If the Hub is located in an area that requires irrigation, it can also operate as a controller with all the features found in the CS3000.

Radio Communications

The communication link between the Hub and surrounding irrigation controllers can be:

  • Spread Spectrum Radio, model CS3-SR, which operates on the 900 MHz band and which requires line-of-site between controllers
  • Calsense will assist with the application forms and selection of appropriate frequencies if necessary. The Spread Spectrum Radio option does not require FCC licensing.

The Hub can be ordered as a standard hub, model CS3-HUB, which does not include any stations outputs, though they can be added at any time later with the CS3000’s unique modular design. Additionally, the ability to act as a Hub can be added to any CS3000 irrigation controller by adding the CS3-HUB-OPT option. This option is required when sharing a primary communication option such as 4G LTE cellular, Ethernet, or wireless Ethernet among controllers with their own individual points of connection.