Modular Options

The Calsense model CS3000s options are modular and can be added or removed in the field, and a backplane providing transient protection for solenoid outputs is included.

  • 2-Wire and 8-station cards and terminals can be added in the field
  • Weather sensor card and terminal can be added or moved to a different location for interfacing with an ET gage, Tipping Rain Bucket, Wind Gage, and third-party rain and freeze sensors
  • The -M Hardwire communication and Lights options can be added in the field

The Complete Package

Our enclosure options; wall-mount, stainless steel, and stainless steel double-wide offer complete protection of the controller.

  • Hinged controller panel for easy and convenient access
  • Communication modems easily accessible on back side of hinged panel
  • Factory labeled terminals for easy field wiring all in one box
  • Protective Calsense plastic cover for POC and station cards easily removable

Intelligent Software

The power of the CS3000 field controller is in the software intelligence that provides the automation and resource management capabilities. The large backlit display is intuitive and easy to use.

  • Program plant type, head and soil type, exposure and precipitation rate for ‘Groups’ of like stations saves time
  • Role-based access control to limit which settings users can change using individual PINs on the controller
  • EPA WaterSense certified for water savings

The CS3000 controller is available in 8, 16, 24, 32, 40 and 48 conventional stations and/or as a 2-Wire controller. An optional 2-Wire board (CS3-2WIRE-OPT) allows a single controller to manage up to 128-independent valves, anywhere along a 7,000-foot cable run. Decoders are available as a 2-station POC and as a POC decoder. By combining multiple 2-Wire POC decoders, a single controller can manage multiple points of connection, as well as operate a two or three-level bypass manifold.