The ET Gage measures daily ET and provides them to a CS3000 with a Weather Kit, model CS3-W-KIT, attached. The controller stores up to 60-days of ET. When it comes time to irrigate a station, the controller tallies the ET numbers since the last irrigation and, using the unique parameters for each station, calculates how much water to apply.

The ET Gage is designed to evaporate water at the same rate as tall fescue. Designed with a hardwearing, ceramic evaporation plate and weatherproof PVC plastic housing, the ET Gage sends daily measurements to the irrigation controller. The controller maintains a 28-day table of ET measurements. Daily ET measurements are typically .10˝ to .30˝ for a 24-hour period.

  • Accuracy of ± 1% of evaporated water
  • 0.01-inch resolution


Product Details:

The gage is powered directly by the Calsense controller, thus eliminating the use of batteries. Placement Proper location of the ET Gage is important. It should be mounted in a location that meets the following requirements:

  • Location representative of the area to be irrigated.
  • Area not obstructed from wind or sunlight.
  • Water from irrigation system does not hit the top surface of the ET Gage.

Readings from the ET Gage can be shared automatically between CS3000 Irrigation Controllers using FLOWSENSE® technology or using the Calsense Command Center Online web application.