The Calsense Tipping Rain Bucket, model RB-1, allows a CS3000 Controller with the weather option, model CS3-W-KIT, to keep a record of accumulated rainfall. The Calsense Tipping Rain Bucket consists of a tipping mechanism that measures every 0.01-inches of rainfall. This information is passed to the CS3000 controller and, using both the rate and actual amount of rainfall, offsets each station’s run times accordingly.

The Calsense Tipping Rain Bucket features a gold anodized aluminum collection funnel with a knife-edge that diverts the water to a tipping bucket mechanism.

It offers convenient mounting options and hardware, including three sensor support legs for surface mounting, a side bracket and clamps for pole mounting and a 60-foot long, two-conductor sensor cable.

Readings from the Calsense Tipping Rain Bucket can be shared automatically between a CS3000 irrigation controllers using FLOWSENSE® technology, or by using the Calsense Command Center Online web application.


  • Accuracy of 1% at 2-inches/hour or less
  • 0.01-inch resolution