At the 2019 Irrigation Association Annual Conference and Expo, Warren Gorowitz lead a thought-provoking presentation around the development of a “Sustainability Common Interest Group” in the irrigation industry with a mission focusing on sustainability. Water conservation and environmental consciousness have been a fundamental aspect of the irrigation industry due to recent water shortages and crises happening all over the world.
Water is a non-renewable resource and with the advanced water saving technology being developed every year, it is the responsibility of all industry leaders to act during this time of need. With all these advancements, the amount of industrial waste from outdated products have become a central problem. Warren emphasized the importance of creating an industry-wide initiative that has the support of all companies to come together and tackle the need for more sustainable practices around waste in irrigation .

Recycling in the Irrigation Industry

The way the irrigation industry recycles its products has become a major topic of discussion. Proper recycling and waste management measures would push the irrigation industry to becoming sustainable waste management leaders of the future. All aspects of the industry produce pre and post-consumer waste. By developing a Sustainability Common Interest Group, green business standards can be set with the support of every irrigation company to battle the growing amount of waste.
One of the many ideas to decrease waste is promoting the use of recycled materials once a product is no longer in use. One company is not able to tackle this initiative alone. To ensure the success of using recycled products, all companies need to contribute to ensure there is enough useable recycled material. Right now, is the time the irrigation industry needs to come together and make a united change to ensure the health of the planet and the people.

Making a Difference in Water Sustainability

The Sustainability Common Interest Group would also be analyzing how to create more sustainable and cost-effective packaging, manufacturing, and materials options and methods. The group will be able to confront how to dispose of old sprinkler heads in a way that won’t just fill landfills here in the United States or worldwide. By coming together, this will encourage all companies involved to make a difference and bring the irrigation industry and community together. Warren is the catalyst that this industry needs to encourage companies to reflect on their individual environmental impact and to then have the support of other leaders to thrive in the new age of sustainability. There will be many challenges along the way but the more the industry supports each other the more successful we will be. We must take responsibility for the impact of our industry and educate others on the importance of sustainability. In order to ensure the prosperity of the irrigation industry, we must adapt to more sustainable practices to protect the health of the companies, water, and people. Learn more about Calsense’s commitment to sustainability in our blog.

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