Ways to reduce waste, water & energy this holiday season, plus gift ideas for your environmentally and water conscious friends & family.

Around the home

House decorations and lights can be fun and festive, use LED lights on your house and tree to help save energy which also saves water. Put your lights on a timer or unplug them during the day to reduce the amount of energy they use.

Most wrapping paper cannot be recycled and ends up in landfills. Use old newspaper (I like to use the comic section) or buy wrapping paper that is recyclable or compostable! This can make gifts look unique and helps to reduce waste.

Sustainable gift ideas

This list of gift ideas may help reduce waste, water, or – if material gifts aren’t your thing, donate to charities that help to support environmental or water conservation efforts.


LUSH Charity Pot

With each purchase of this body lotion from LUSH cosmetics, 100% of the cost is donated to a grassroots organization working in environmental conservation, animal welfare and human rights. When making this purchase in-store each item explains which charity it  goes towards on the packaging.


Reusable Bamboo Ecoffee Cup

This reusable coffee cup is made from natural bamboo fiber. It’s BPA and phthalate free, it’s light, sturdy and fully dishwasher safe. It is also biodegradable!


Sustainable Home: Practical projects, tips and advice for maintaining a more eco-friendly household (book)

This book is a practical guide to making your home more environmentally friendly!


100% Pure Makeup Gift Sets

This makeup company is committed to producing products with only “pure” ingredients. Their cosmetics are colored from vibrant fruit, vegetable, tea and other plant pigments which contain an exorbitant amount of skin beneficial vitamins, antioxidants and other healthy phyto nutrients that make skin healthier.  They also discuss their commitment to sustainability and lowering their carbon footprint as a business.


Onyx & Green Sustainable School Supplies

Eco-friendly writing products, office and school supplies.


100% compostable phone case

These phone cases are 100% compostable and made out of flax shive and plant-based biopolymer (plastic-free!).


Espresso Mushroom Company

These kits grow pearl oyster mushrooms in your kitchen using espresso grounds. During their growth, mushrooms break down the coffee waste and averts greenhouse gas emissions that occurs when untreated coffee grounds biodegrade. They are nature’s recyclers!


Turn T-shirts into a quilt

This company provides a box that you can send up to 30 shirts that they will turn into a quilt. This is perfect for preserving memories from old t-shirts or sports jerseys.

Send a Cow gifts

You can send a variety of things to people in need from animals to household and sanitary necessities. Every family who receives a gift from Send a Cow promises to pass on a gift to another family in need. Whether it’s the first female calf, seeds, saplings or skills, each gift starts a chain of giving that continues to grow and grow. Importantly, they become donors themselves, restoring their dignity and pride.


Reusable Sponge

These sponges are reusable and machine washable for wiping down counters and other kitchen/household cleaning needs.

Home water filter

Home water filters help to keep water cold and make tap water taste better. They also help to promote use of reusable water bottles as opposed to plastic one-use bottles.


Toilet Tank Bank / Drop a Brick

These products both help to use less water in your toilet. The Toilet Tank Bank fills up with water and is placed inside of the toilet tank to displace water that would normally be flushed. The Drop-a-Brick also displaces water but there is no need to fill it up!


Waterless Car Wash

This waterless car wash uses ingredients that are safe for the environment and are biodegradable while also using no additional water to wash your car!


Rain Barrel

Rain barrels catch rainwater that can be used to water gardens and plants!


Biking gear, backpacks, and accessories

This company uses recycled materials from bike tubes, climbing ropes, wetsuits and more to make biking gear, backpacks, and other accessories.


Soil Moisture Meter

A soil moisture meter is perfect for a garden or yard. It lets you know when to water and does not require any batteries.

Donate to Water causes

Project Wet

“From our headquarters in Montana, we develop and deliver the world’s best water education resources, organize special water events, manage a worldwide network of local implementing partners and advocate for the role of water education in solving the world’s most pressing water issues.“

Water for People

2.1 billion people around the world don’t have access to safe water and 4.5 billion lack access to adequate sanitation. Women and children spend more than four hours walking for water each day, and more than 840,000 people die each year from water-related diseases.

Water For People exists to promote the development of high-quality drinking water and sanitation services, accessible to all, and sustained by strong communities, businesses, and governments. We’re working to reach Everyone Forever.”

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