The upcoming holiday, Halloween is filled with decorations, candy, and costumes. We are going to share a few ideas from Peaceful Dumpling and World Wildlife Foundation to help make your holiday more environmentally friendly!

1. Use what you already have – make a costume with clothing items you already have

2. Rent your costume – this saves money and prevents you from buying something you’re only going to wear once

3. Ethical and something you’ll wear again – if you’re going to buy purchase from and ethical or sustainable brand and choose items that you could wear outside of the costume!

4. Decorations. Instead of buying materials for decorations, gather supplies, arts and crafts throughout the year. Examples include:

    • Turn stockings with runs into spider-webbing
    • Paint foam peanuts (packing materials) and turn them into worms
    • Clean Styrofoam and make Halloween masks
    • Turn cardboard boxes into tombstones
    • Make other creative decorations from netting from bags of oranges, cotton balls, leaves and branches from the yard, etc
    • Reuse your decorations from the previous year

5. Treats. Buy locally produced foods, candies and treats. Look for goodies with minimal packaging and/or those made packaged in recycled materials.

    • Check labels to see that chocolate and sugar are from sustainable sources.

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