With the holidays quickly approaching many are preparing decorations, meals, and gifts! In the last two months we have shared many tips about making your holidays and festivities more sustainable by reducing your waste, reusing what you already have and consuming less overall. Here are several tips to make whatever you are celebrating greener!

1. Buy Gifts That Will Last

If you are going to participate in gift giving try to buy from locally owned or companies that manage resources responsibly. Also look for products whose features can be utilized for years to come. Check out our sustainable holiday gift guide here. Also think about the materials you use to wrap the gifts and the amount of resources needed to make them. There are tons of alternatives like using recycled paper, old newspaper, cloth or omitting the wrapping entirely and giving the gift as is!

Fun tip: Plan a scavenger hunt for the person to find their unwrapped gift.

2. Solar Powered Decoration Lights

For those that add lights or decorations to the outside of their home there are plenty of great and comparably priced options that are solar powered as opposed to traditional electric or battery powered. Here is a list of well-reviewed solar lights for outdoor use if you need new ones.

3. Food Waste and Conscious Choices

Our article about Thanksgiving covered this topic as well but is equally applicable to other holiday celebrations. Make a concerted effort to better predict amounts of foods needed to avoid excess waste, especially considering foods that require more resources to make it to your table, mainly meat. If you have leftovers try incorporating them into a variety of different recipes. Here are a ton of ideas!

4. Travel Considerations

Although many people are staying local or simply staying home this year, if you are traveling, consider carbon offset practices.  Here are some programs that make it easy to offset your travel, purchases and more.

5. Do It Yourself

Making your own gifts and décor can be a family fun activity that is very eco-friendly! Here are some DIY projects for Christmas and Hanukkah to get you on a more sustainable track for whatever celebration you have in store.

Calsense wishes everyone a happy, safe, and healthy holiday season and a wonderful new year! For more holiday tips and sustainable thoughts check out our archive of articles here.