Your Partner in Irrigation

Calsense focuses on engineering computer technology specific to government applications by listening to customers and delivering quality product, powerful automation intelligence, and ease of use. As specialists we know what it takes every step of the way to teach and support staff how to effectively operate their system for real results. Having confidence in the product and the people who support the product is why customers chose Calsense. They trust us in helping them successfully manage resources in order to cut costs!

City and County Parks

Technology works when those task to use it, want to. Then reduced water usage, time management, lower operating costs, and a solid return on the investment are realized. City and County irrigation technicians want the field tools and remote access Calsense provides them to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Colleges and Universitites

Facility managers working on water reduction and sustainability goals use Calsense to intelligently collect and analyze data and anticipate irrigation problems utilizing existing Ethernet and WiFi network infrastructure.  An automatic and coordinated work force effort occurs, for quick response time to irrigation breaks and water waste.

School Districts

A district consisting of elementary, middle and high school campuses consist of simple to complex water distribution systems. Calsense manages flow and provides detailed water usage reports no matter the application. Intuitive field control offers ease of use for onsite managers. Remote operation through cloud-based software utilizing Ethernet or WiFi  provides management flexibility needed by irrigation supervisors.

Departments of Transportation

Maintenance departments in charge of miles of landscape irrigation along freeways and interchanges use Calsense for remote management and fewer site visits, water savings, detection of main line and station breaks, and managing operational costs. But most importantly for minimizing risk and liability for workers and the public.

Home Owner's Associations (HOA)

We work with a variety of HOAs to help your neighborhood cut down on costs and save water for future generations.

Other Industries

Master Plan Communities and HomeOwners Associations, Corporate and VA Medical Facilities and Hospitals, and Corporate Campuses are all making gains towards sustainability goals, water management, and protecting property investments through the implementation of the Calsense Resource Management System.