5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Controller

July 25, 2023

The landscape is one of the first things people notice when visiting new places.

“Is the grass green?” “Are there trees?” “Does everything look healthy, lush and welcoming, or are the plants wilted and dying?” “Is there a leak creating a hazard on the sidewalk or is the irrigation system running during a rainstorm?”

The answers to these questions often determine a person’s first impression of your region and possibly your organization. Public-facing entities strive for community trust and the landscape can help sustain or erode that trust, whether it’s at the airport, a school or university campus, a park, along the roadway, or even an administrative building. Smart irrigation controllers can help set and maintain high standards for your site, while showcasing your commitment to environmental and fiscal responsibility through the cost and water savings they provide.

Yet, in an age of rapidly evolving technologies, sticking with the same controller for too long can mean losing out on new features, efficiencies and benefits that make it infinitely easier to maintain your landscape and save money. Luckily, accessing these benefits can be as simple as upgrading to the Calsense CS3000 controller.

Beautiful landscapes that are sustainable and cost effective are not only possible, they’re what Calsense focuses on each and every day. Not convinced? Read about how upgrading your controller can transform your site’s approach to irrigation management:

1) Fast and reliable communication when you need it most

The CS3000 cloud-connected controller enables irrigators to access their controllers from anywhere in seconds, using their phone, tablet, or desktop computer. We accomplish this by providing a variety of options for getting your controllers online using a 4G cellular modem, Ethernet device, or Wi-Fi connection. Having instant access to controllers can help you save hours of time in your daily work, whether it’s troubleshooting a zone or making quick programming changes. It also enables continuous updates for the latest security patches and new features as soon as they become available.

Where cellular communication is not possible, the CS3000 offers other options for connecting controllers to the cloud, such as daisy-chaining communications from one controller to the next using direct serial wiring and/or short-range radios.

2) Access to industry leading local support at no additional cost

Calsense continues to provide best-in-class support for all Calsense controllers, but for those who upgrade to the CS3000, the experience only gets better. With an average of over 10 years of irrigation experience, each member of Calsense’s field service team provides remote and on-site support to ensure a smooth upgrade process and then it provides additional training with no added cost.

3) Modification of Your Controller to Fit Your Needs

Landscape irrigation needs can change in what feels like the blink of an eye. A wall is built in a place that disrupts controller communications, concrete is replaced with plants that require several additional stations, or lights are added, so that your landscape can be enjoyed 24 hours a day.

With the CS3000, changes can be made in the field, thanks to its modular design. Organizations can add new communication options, such as cellular, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi, purchase additional stations, and install options for lights, all without having to purchase a new controller or sending controllers in for the upgrades to be completed. The flexibility to modify the controller on-demand means that your irrigation system can grow and change with your site’s needs.

A core facet of Calsense’s philosophy is excellent customer support and service, which often includes the ability to repair existing controllers and related peripherals, whether in or out of warranty. The field services team has the equipment and expertise to address issues directly in the field. For the most complex issues, the Calsense factory is fully equipped to handle repairs of almost any nature.

4) Transformation of Your Irrigation Strategies for Years to Come

In June of 2023, Calsense unveiled a roadmap that highlights groundbreaking innovations in smart irrigation technology. The roadmap includes plans for:

  • IOT-first architecture to directly connect all controllers to the cloud
  • On-demand irrigation support, powered by artificial intelligence (AI)
  • A modern and intuitive user interface on your phone, desktop, tablet, and the Calsense controller itself
  • Location-based asset management for controllers, valves, lights, and more
  • Predictive analytics, powered by AI, to help prevent problems before they occur

By upgrading to the CS3000 controller, your site will be positioned to take full advantage of each step of the roadmap, revolutionizing your irrigation experience. The CS3000 automatically irrigates based on programmed settings and external factors like weather. It also provides real-time information about site conditions and issues, so irrigators can make decisions based on historical data, real-time information, and organizational needs. With this and future access to the technologies enabled by each step of Calsense’s roadmap, your site will be able to save more water, labor, and, ultimately, money than ever before.

5) The Latest Upgrade Incentives

As a part of the charge to transform landscape irrigation, Calsense released pricing incentives for existing customers to upgrade older controllers. As a thank you for your continued loyalty and in an effort to ensure all our customers have access to the latest in irrigation technology, the program includes significant discounts on controller and communications upgrades.

For new customers and existing customers who may not have easy access to a capital budget, Calsense offers Irrigation Management as a Service™ (or IMaaS ™). IMaaS includes all the products and services needed to upgrade your smart irrigation control system now, for a fixed, 10-year annual fee. Read more about IMaaS here.

Whether you’re considering switching to Calsense controllers for the first time, or you’re a long-time Calsense customer in need of upgrades, Calsense has exciting options to help you get there. For more information about current pricing and incentives, contact your local technical sales representative.

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